Rob Metzinger Meter Kits

SAFE LIVING TECHNOLOGIES has designed these affordable Rob Metzinger Meter Kits for Basic to Professional measurements. Kits have been discounted and are the best option when pruchasing multiple meters.

NEW Rob Metzinger Meter Kits

Rob Metzinger and Jeromy Johnson have developed the following Electrosmog Measuring Kits to make it easier for customers looking to measure the EMF/RF Pollutants in their home or office.

Whether you are a professional or just starting out, there is a kit for you. 

Rob Metzinger - President, Safe Living Technologies Inc., EET, EMRS, BBEC

Jeromy Johnson - Engineer/EMF Consultant - Certified Partner

Jeromy holds an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and worked in Silicon Valley’s financial industry for over 15 years. In 2011, he became electrically sensitive after extensive EMF exposure. Jeromy now helps individuals and families around the world reduce and mitigate EMF pollution through one-on-one consultations, his solutions-focused website and his public speaking.

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Learn More About Our Meters

Here is a very informative video by one of our retail partners: Tech Wellness



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    RM50 5G Pro Meter Package RM50 EMF/RF Meter Kit 5G mmWave Meter, High Band 5G Meter, Horn Antenna 5G mmWave Meter, High Band 5G Meter, Stub Antenna Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter, Low-Mid Band 5G Meter

    Safe Living Technologies

    RM50 5G Pro Meter Package

    RM50 5G PRO Meter Package Advanced EMF and 5G Detection Kit Safe Living Technologies RM 5G Pro Meter Package contains the Safe and Sound Pro II, the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave with the horn and stub antenna, Gigahertz Solutions ME3851A, Alpha Labs...

    Was: $2,684.00
    Now: $2,489.00
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