Safe Living Technologies is an Exclusive SWISS SHIELD Brand

Some recent studies have shown a link between exposure to radio and microwave frequencies and cancer, many people are deciding to take steps to protect themselves. Although most people are not exposed to levels of RF radiation high enough to cause heating of their biological tissues, long term exposure to low levels of RF may be harmful to your health.

Depending on your needs, Save Living Technologies carries a variety EMF Shielding Fabric in different styles of radio frequency shielding material. For example, our Swiss Shield New EMF Shielding Fabric Daylite and Swiss Shield Evo-Ultra EMF Shielding Fabric are a mesh that allows light to pass through it while still shielding you from RF and microwaves. These two options are ideal for window screens. We also carry cotton EMF Shielding Fabric like the Swiss Shield Naturell,which is semi-opaque, and our Swiss Shield Wear, which is opaque and ideal for clothing and bedding.

Use your RF meter to determine the amount of RF and microwave frequencies that you are exposed to in your home and select the appropriate shielding fabric needed to keep yourself and your family safe. Safe Living Technologies is committed to providing you with all the technology you need to protect the health of both you and your loved ones.