EMF Consulting

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Email/Phone/Zoom EMF Consulting

$25 Email Consult (1 to 5 Questions)

$40 Zoom/Phone Consult (15 min)

$75 Zoom/Phone Consult (30 min)

$150 Zoom/Phone Consult (60 min)

Safe Living Technologies offers professional EMF consultations via Skype or Telephone to answer questions pertaining to Electromagnetic Radiation measurement or mitigation.

Please note, if you purchase a product from us directly, you are entitled to 15 minutes of free consultation to answer any questions you may have on the product.

For other general inquires or for further product support, book a telephone consultation with one of our skilled technicians today.

Consultations are available in 15 minute increments (Quantity 1 = 15 minutes) which are available Monday - Friday from 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time excluding holidays.

We will do our best to confirm and schedule your consultation as quickly as possible; however, we may not be immediately available. If you have specific time requirements, please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm our availability by emailing us at support@safelivingtechnologies.com

Common EMF Topics and Questions

• EMF protection in the Home/workplace – what You Can Do?
• What levels of Radiation are deemed safe?
• How to determine the source of EMF’s in your environment.
• What are the best shielding products for my situation?
• Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (E.H.S) - how to safe guard yourself and your loved ones.
• Advanced meter usage and applications.