EMF Bed Canopy


Safe Living Technologies Inc. is an Exclusive SWISS SHIELD Brand Distributor


If you are worried about RF and microwaves in or outside your home, it is time to take action. Through a Radio Frequency Meter you can determine how high the levels of radio frequencies are in your home. With a radio frequency shielding product like our Premium Handmade EMF Bed Canopy, you can reduce most of the harmful radio frequencies from inside or outside your home.

Do EMF bed canopies work?

Here at Safe Living Technologies we offer two different types of EMF Bed Canopy, Naturell and Daylite, along with different sizes depending on your bed. Our most popular canopy is the Naturell. It has a higher RF blocking rating and is an elegant, decorative natural cotton ideal for the chemically sensitive. The Daylite EMF Bed Canopy is a more breathable and lighter synthetic fabric that allows more light through. To learn more about these fabrics you can check out our RF Shielding Fabrics page. We also offer a Floor Sheet to go under the bed to block any sources coming from beneath the bed. These Floor Sheets come in the same style and sizes as the bed canopies.

If you want to go further and shield the rest of your home, Safe Living Technologies offer other shielding products and material to go along with your Bed Canopy, such as; Aluminum FoilAluminum MeshPaint, and Window Film.