Entry Level RF Detectors

Modern communications technology has dramatically increased our exposure to radio frequency radiation around the entire world. Electric fields and magnetic fields are unavoidable by products of our electrical transmissions and usage.We are using more power today than ever before. Harmonic distortion also contributes to our exponentially increasing levels of electrosmog. Biological effects occur at levels significantly below internationally recommended standards and guidelines. It’s important to be educated on the various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and take precaution with electromagnetic fields to safeguard your health.

Safe Living Technologies offers a wide range of multi-purpose EMF and RF detectors to help you assess and mitigate your living and working space. From basic detectors that measure your comprehensive electrical, magnetic, and radio frequency levels, to the ultimate meters that offer the highest professional quality and capabilities, we have both EMF and RF detectors that will help you analyze your full EMF environment, and navigate to creating safe spaces.

Measurement is the first step in reduction. Safe Living Technologies is your source for radio frequency assessment, detection, and protection. We also carry an array of other RF/EMF detectors, EMF meters, and RF accessories, as well as protection products like RF Shielding fabric, Shielded power cables, Bed canopies and more.

Checkout our selection of RF and EMF detectors. Our team of highly trained professionals are ready to answer any of your questions and point you in the right direction to find the product that works best for you. Contact us today with any questions.