EMF Shielding Paint

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EMF Shielding Paint - 5G Protection Ready

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Radio Frequency / RF Shielding Paint / EMF Paint, Carbon Based and Corrosion Resistant, Attenuation of 39 dB / 99.987 % with one coat. Available in 1 and 5 Litre Bins.

5G Ready!

Our standard RF Shielding Paint for interior and exterior application based on a high quality pure-acrylic binder. This shielding paint offers a perfect compromise of excellent attenuation, high water resistance and ecological.

EMF Shielding Paint /EMF Paint provides EMF shielding protection from High Frequency Radiation from wireless communications such as modems, DECT phones, Television and radio stations and cell Towers.


  • EMF shielding paint for interior application and exterior application
  • Now monitored by TÜV-SÜD. The whole production process including quality control, emission behaviour and economical use of preserving agents is subject to monitoring.
  • Excellent shielding qualities for protection against RF radiation, microwave and from low-frequency Electric Fields if grounded
  • Attenuation of 39 dB in one layer (shielding effectiveness of 99.987 %).
  • Electro-conductive coating, liquid water-based and Low-emission (0.18g/litre)
  • High water resistance and environmentally friendly
  • Apply as a prime coat and cover with interior paint or exterior paint
  • Good adhesion on many surfaces and substrates such as latex paint, construction board, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces and more…
  • Frost resistant in delivery form. Optimized for shipping to regions with low average temperatures or air shipments that may reach freezing
  • Paint is black in color
  • Corrosion resistant - contains no metallic particles
  • Coverage: Interior: 1 Litre 7.5 sq. Meters (81 sq. Feet); Exterior: 1 Litre 5.0 sq. Meters (54 sq. Feet)


  • Living areas: Protection from RF-Radiation (High Frequency EMF) from Cell Phone Towers, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, DECT cordless phones, wireless networks etc…
  • Protection against Low Frequency Electric Fields when grounded
  • Industry: To prevent interception of data from wireless networks, and potentially bugged conference rooms
  • Science and R&D: Shielding of electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensitive facilities and equipment
  • Medicine: Protection against sensitive technical equipment. To guarantee important medical data is derived correctly and will not be altered by EMI
  • Electronic Industry: To reduce induction and interference
  • Underground: Apply to a clean dry degreased surface
  • Further Applications: Schools, nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms

Detect, Protect and Verify: Three Steps to Achieving Peace of Mind

Installation Notes:

Grounding is recommended and is to be completed by a licensed electrician. Be sure to follow all local electrical codes and standards for grounding. The National Electrical Code does not address applying conductive paint to walls. However, because this product does not carry a UL or CSA listing, some electrical inspectors may not be comfortable approving the installation. An electrical engineer may be required to certify the installation. Check with your local inspector first. To ensure an adequate ground connection, we recommend using the YSHIELD Grounding Kit GW(interior) or GE(exterior) and EB2 Conductive Tape. Step by step instructions for the mounting of the Grounding Kit are included.

Supplied With:

  • Desired quantity of 1 Litre or 5 Litre Bins of Shielding Paint
  • Installation and Grounding Instructions
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