EMF Exposure / RF Exposure Guidelines

EMF and RF Exposure Guidelines

EMF / RF Exposure Guidelines

As a pioneer of the Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR Mitigation Industry in the North America, Safe Living Technologies Inc. recognizes and is committed to promoting awareness and alertness to these concerns. A growing number of people suffer with some form of EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). Federal Governments, Regional Governments and Local Governments need gain awareness and take action to lower acceptable microwave radiation exposure levels.

EMF Exposure Guidelines

EMF Exposure Guidelines in Canada are under the jurisdiction of Health Canada who has not independently established guidelines for magnetic field or electric field exposure. When pressed, they will state that Canada follows the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection “ICNIRP” guidelines of 830 mG or 83,000 nT (Magnetic Field) or 5000 V/m (Electric Field) for a 24-hr period. Since these guidelines are based on short-term acute exposure we still do not have guidelines that protect the public from long-term low level exposure, which is the case with the distribution of electricity. Associations based on epidemiological studies and cause-effect relationships which are in turn based on laboratory experiments suggest that exposure to magnetic fields and electric fields should be thousands of times lower. The same approximate levels and reasoning is used in the USA as well.

RF Exposure Guidelines

Radio Frequency “RF” Exposure Guidelines in Canada, are under the jurisdiction of Health Canada who has developed and established Safety Code 6 to offer federal guidelines for safe Radio Frequency Wave exposure levels. These limits are in the range of 2,000,000 to 10,000,000 microwatts per square meter and are based solely on the short term thermal effects or the heating of body tissue. Adverse biological effects have been documented at levels far below Safety Code 6 guidelines. No Canadian biological exposure guidelines exist for long term exposure to low level Radio Frequency. The same is true for the USA.

From our experience and positive EMF and RF mitigation results, we recommend the use of the Precautionary EMF Exposure Guidelines and RF or Radio Frequency Exposure Guidelines for Sleeping Areas. Please note that acceptable levels in Canada and the USA far exceed these guidelines as well as the recommendations of the Bioinitiative Report (prepared by a group of international scientists).