5G mmWave Meter

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Topics Include:

    • The effects of EMF and mmWaves – Presenter: Lloyd Burrell

    • The Health Effects of RF and mmWave Sources – Presenter Dr. Magda Havas | Professor Emerita | B.Sc., Ph.D.

    • Intro to the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter, Different 5G frequencies and Measurement Protocols – Presenter Rob Metzinger, Bruce Hildesheim

    • New Discoveries of mmWave Sources – Presenter Keith Cutter

    • Hunting mmWave towers in Southern California – Presenter Oram Miller

    • EMF Q&A





What is 5G?

As the roll-out of the 5G cellular network continues, so does our exposure to RF radiation. It has become increasingly common for individuals to experience a number of negative health effects related to EMF and RF exposure. 

As always, detection is the first step in protecting yourself from these potential negative health concerns. Right now, there is a lot of discussion about the rollout of 5G, and SLT wants to make sure you are informed and protected.

Here are all the US cities with 5G coverage

The Emergence of 5G mmWave – Accton Technology

These high-frequency bands are often referred to as “mmWave” due to the short wavelengths that can be measured in millimeters. Although the mmWave bands extend all the way up 300 GHz, it is the bands from 24 GHz up to 100 GHz that are expected to be used for 5G.