U1 - Cornet ED88TPLUS 5G Meter - Includes Hard Shell Case - OPEN BOX

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Cornet ED88TPLUS 5G Meter - Includes Hard Shell Zipper Travel Case - OPEN BOX - FINAL SALE

*All Open Box products are final sale, with a limited 30 day warranty. No returns or exchanges, repair only.*

What is an Electrosmog Meter?

This meter will give a home or business owner a basic understanding of RF and EMF exposure in their environment and help to identify the primary sources of electro-pollution in an environment. Note: If you are comparing your measurements to the Institute for Building Biology Guidelines and wish to achieve levels in the no concern range, a more sensitive meter is required. Please see our RF Meter or EMF Meter page or consult with one of our technical experts

New Features:

The Cornet ED88TPLUS 5G Meter has the same functions and specification as the original ED88TPlus, but with the following improvements:

  • The ED88TPLUS 5G Meter is 3rd generation of the ED88TPLUS series meters.
  • RF frequency counter function now covers 100 MHz - 4.2GHz, which includes the 5G low & mid frequency bands (i.e. 600 MHz – 6 GHz) 
  • A statistical data window, which displays the statistical information of the recorded signal.  
  • The ED88TPLUS 5G Meter user manual and datalogging manual are available for download via our manuals section.

Additional Features:

  • The ED88TPLUS 5G Meter has an RF Data Logging mode. The logged RF data can be stored in the meter, viewed on the LCD display, and/or transferred to a PC (requires a Micro-USB cable).
  • Data logging can only be done in the RF mode
  • The ED88TPLUS 5G Meter can display the duty cycle of digital RF pulses/bursts
  • RF Sampling rate of 25,000 samples/sec (i.e. 40 μs)
  • Wide radio frequency detection range: 100 MHz to 8 GHz 
  • Low frequency magnetic field range 1: 50 Hz to 10 kHz (0.1 uT to 60 uT)/(1 mG to 600 mG)
  • Low frequency magnetic field range 2: 50 Hz to 1 kHz (0.01 uT to 10 uT)/(0.1 mG to 10 mG)
  • Low frequency electric field range: 50 Hz to 50 kHz (10 V/m to 100 V/m)
  • Sound signature analysis, with volume control
  • Up to 50 hours of RF data logging
  • USB interface to PC
  • Peak RF power density measurement: 0.5 uW/m2 to 1.8 W/m2
  • Max, Average and Hold function (for RF measurements)
  • Histogram for RF, LF, and E-field modes
  • Ultra-fast colored LED 8x segment level display, for easy signal level indication
  • Battery operated (9V DC) > 20hours, or external power through USB port (5V) 
  • Small, compact handheld design: 69mm X 130mm
  • 1 year warranty


  • RF field strength/power level measurement
  • RF Data Logging
  • Measuring emissions from cellular phone base stations
  • Telecommunications (e.g. CW,TDMA,GSM,DECT)
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations
  • Spy camera, wireless bug finder
  • Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level
  • Microwave oven leakage detection
  • AC power line, transformer radiation
  • Monitoring personal living environment; EMF safety


  • ED88TPLUS 5G Electrosmog Meter: Qty=1
  • User's Guide
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Hard Shell Zipper Travel Case (HS1)