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 Ask us about your EMF Project?

Worried about outside radio frequencies coming into your home? Are you showing high levels of radio frequencies on your RF Meter? Safe Living Technologies’ RF Shielding Foil is designed to blockmany of the outside radio frequencies that are beyond your control.

Here are some common questions about EMF Shielding Materials:

Can aluminum be used for EMF shielding materials from laptop?

Aluminum is an effective shield for radio frequency signals and also for low frequency electric fields when the aluminum is grounded.

What is the best EMF shielding material?

Our best EMF shielding material for low frequency EMF signals is Giron ArmoFlex. It is effective against Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and Radio Frequency Signals.

What material shields body from EMF?

Swiss Shield Max-Wear is our brand new wearable Radio Frequency shielding with excellent Radio Frequency Shielding and excellent ecology with OEKO-TEX Certification.

A radio frequency meter will detect radio frequencies that come from within your home as well as outside. For the radio frequencies that you cannot control, our Aluminum RF Shielding Foil can be put up as an effective barrier against exterior sourcesof radio frequency exposure. The RF shielding foil was designed to be put upduring new construction and renovation under drywall, plaster, and stucco, aswell as on rooftops under shingles and in attic and crawl spaces. If you are worried about the levels of radio frequencies in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to invest in a radio frequency meter before buying additional shielding materials.


This radio frequency shielding material is just one of the many products we offer at Safe Living Technologies. Browse our incredible RF meteroptions and other radio frequency shielding material like our mesh, fabrics, and window film for protection in your home, workplace and cars.

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    Yshield HSF54 RF Shielding Paint - 1 Liter Bin, EMF Paint Yshield HSF54 RF Shielding Paint Shielding Effectiveness Yshield HSF54 RF Shielding Paint Tuv-Sud Certificate Yshield HSF54 RF Shielding Paint 5 and 1 Liter Bins

    Yshield EMF Paint

    EMF Shielding Paint Yshield HSF54 - 1.06 Quart

    YShield PAINT - EMF Shielding Paint Yshield HSF54 - 1.06 Quart y Shield Paint / RF Shielding Paint / EMF Shielding Paint, Carbon Based and Corrosion Resistant, Attenuation of 39 dB / 99.987 % with one coat. Available in 1 and 5 Litre Bins. 5G...

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    Signal Protect

    Signal Protect AM2 Aluminum Mesh

    Excellent Shielding Protection Interior and Exterior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection - offers increased shielding power compared to your standard metal window screening -  Sold in 25 or 100 foot long rolls by 4 foot wide. Our Signal...

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