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"The service you provided will allow me to take preventative steps to ensure my health for the future"

Click to Download PDF -> Consulate General Of Israel


"The Hospital advised me to call Rob Metzinger (President, Safe Living Technologies) and said that he could help me.  I can honestly say that he has kept me alive by continually providing me with lifesaving strategies to combat the symptoms of this space age plague"

Click to Download PDF ->Walter Nadrofsky

Barrhead, Alberta


"Thank you for being so helpful and creating a satisfied customer"

Jacques Environmental Services, LLC

Boulder, Colorado


"You are consistently helpful and just plain nice to work with"

Indoor Environmental Testing & Consulting

Salt Springs Island, British Columbia


"I have read everything I can lately on the topics of EMFs and their health impact in the home.  I have found your web site to be one of the most informative."


 Denver, Colorado



"I turned the breakers off for my bedroom last night and I really noticed a difference in my sleep. I seemed to have slept better last night, I'll have to try it some more but this stuff really has me thinking now..."


Chatham, Ontario



"Thank you for your assistance and taking the time to speak with me today.  You were very knowledgeable about your products and extremely helpful regarding the situation with sensitivities to RF frequencies."


Augusta, Georgia




"Thanks so much for the power point which I'll check out this evening. Very helpful and appreciated as are you and your great business."



Salt Spring Island, British Columbia



"Thanks so much for coming to our home yesterday.  The information you provided was invaluable in getting our home into shape as a healthier place to be.  So, we are on the road to reducing my symptoms with your help.  Thanks so much again."



Cambridge, Ontario



"I wanted to write to thank you for helping our family.  I appreciate that you did such a thorough investigation of our home.  Now that the demand switches have been installed, I notice that I feel much better and sleep better."



St. George, Ontario



"Rob is a pioneer in a newly developing field to help those that suffer from the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMR's).  I was able to rebuild my health and function almost symptom free in my home because of Rob's intervention.  He completely monitored my home environment and made me aware of the various fields and how to being them to acceptable levels.  It was only by doing this that I am able to give my body the rest it needs to recover.  His extraordinary attention to detail and amazing toolkit of various solutions for everything from using the computer to equipping the circuit board with shutoff switches has helped me immeasurable.  I would highly recommend Safe Living Technologies an essential part of EMR control."



Cambridge, Ontario



"I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I am very pleased with the SLT1 Headset.  I like it's simplicity and quality.  I had two Plantrontics headsets before the SLT1 Headset and I could not hear very well with them nor did I like they way they hooked on my ear.  Thanks!"



Jefferson City, MO



"Rob, Great conversation today; excellent information, important connection. I appreciate the gift of your time that you so willingly gave. Thank you SO very much for doing what you do in the honorable way that you do it. I'm looking forward to learning more!"





"Thank you very much for coming to my new home and lending your great skills. I have a clear picture of what I need to do and how to do it, now I need to move forward to execute."



Toronto, Ontario



"As far as I am concerned, the canopy is working for me. My sleep is definitely better after I installed it."






Safe Living

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