RF Detector >> Radio Frequency / Microwave Detector <<  $110.00 CAD
The RF Detector exposes microwave radiation produced by wireless technologies
  • Detects microwave radiation 'hotspots' from all wireless technologies
  • First such consumer product in the marketplace
  • Patented and fully tested to international standards EMC, CE
  • Audible signal indicates severity of microwave radiation exposure
  • Lightweight and portable for traveling
  • Easy operation - on/off switch and volume control
  • Battery operated - one alkaline 9V battery supplied
  • Comes with one year manufacturers warranty
The RF Detector Identifies:
Product Discontinued

(Sorry for the Inconvenience)

  • Digital cordless DECT phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer wireless networks
  • Bluetooth UMTS
  • Mobile phone masts and base stations
  • Baby monitors
  • Microwave technology and more ...

The RF Detector is a personal use device created in response to the growing concern over health and safety in an environment increasingly bombarded by electromagnetic waves. It is an easy to use hand held device that will detect the general relative intensity of microwave radiation. 

The RF Detector emits an audible tone which mimics the pulsing of microwave frequency signals. The volume is dependent on the type and level of radiation present. The more intense the radiation, the louder and more frequent the digital pulse. 

The RF Detector comes complete with a fabric sleeve. The protective sleeve is made from our shielding fabric. This fabric will shield over 99% of microwave radiation. Placing the RF Detector in the sleeve will demonstrate how wireless radiation can be minimized. Safe Living Technologies has a range of protective shielding fabric available to suite your individual needs.


Technical Data  
Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 3000 MHz
Sensitivity: 0.01 Volts per Meter (V/m)
Output: Audio Loudspeaker, Audio Jack Socket
Controls: On / Off Switch, Volume
Credentials: Patented and Fully Tested to International Standards
Dimensions: 147 x 85 mm
Weight: 170 gms (inc. 9V Battery - Supplied)
Packaging: Cardboard Box Dimensions: 180 x 145 x 55 mm

Sound Description

Click To Play Sound


Background Hiss

No electrosmog present (good!)


Mobile / Cellular Phone

Network login


DECT Digital Cordless Phone

Basestation signal



A Typical Wireless Router / Transmitter


GSM Transmitter (2nd Generation)

The original and most common type of network currently in use around the world.


3G / UMTS-FDD (3rd Generation)

The latest generation of network for large amounts of data and video


TETRA Transmitter

European-wide Emergency Services network for police, fire, and ambulance


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