Shielded Power Cord - 120 Volt (SACPC120V)

6 Foot Cord



12 Foot Cord




  • Shielded AC Power Cord 120 Volt

  • Eliminates Electric Fields from electrical and electronic devices

  • Made for North America - 120VAC

  • Contains 4 wires-Hot, Neutral, Ground
    and a bare Shielded Ground

  • Wires encased in a grounded foil wrap for electric field shielding

  • Comes with standard computer end

  • Computer end can be removed and be used for lamps and other electric devices that emit electric fields

  • All modifications to the power cord or appliances should be completed by a certified electrician and comply to the local electrical codes.


Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 120 Volts AC
Current Rating 10 Amps, 18 Guage Wire
4 Wire: Black - Hot
  White - White
  Green - Ground
  Bare - Shielded Ground
Certification: CSA and UL Approval
Markings: 18AWGX3C COXOC Shielded
  (UL) SVT E148006 VW-1 75 degrees Celsius
  CSA SVT 60 degrees Celsius LL77450

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